Killing Time

Stop motion paper animated music video to the song “Killing Time” by the band ‘All The Pretty Cars.’ Aliens invade and sink the city of Miami under water but who are the ones really in trouble here? 100% filmed, animated, edited and mixed using only an iPhone 4 with lots of construction paper and patience. Be sure to visit and ‘like’ All the Pretty Cars on Facebook!

Credits: Art/Animation/Film/editing by Keith Moore. Music and lyrics by “All the Pretty Cars”.
Device: IPhone 4
Synopsis: The city of Miami is sunk under water by a violent alien invasion. As local icons and landmarks are destroyed by the attacking ship, the citizens fight back to reclaim the city with weaponized cars.
Software/Hardware: IPhone 4- Frames App, Splice App, StoMo App.


  1. Kevin

    Awesome video and great song!! Fantastic work!!

  2. Laci Moore

    Great work. I really impressed with hoe great the delorian looked

  3. Adam LaMee

    And a Delorean? This rules! Good luck!

  4. Glenn Allen

    Great video!

  5. Cecilia Duarte

    Is really wonderful , original the song is very good incredible

  6. Alex Duarte

    The video , music ,song great

  7. Eileen DelCampo

    The video is awesome and song good job

  8. Eileen DelCampo

    Video and song great!!!!!!!!!! awesome.

  9. Bethany

    iPhone Film Festival? Sounds crazy until I think about all the major events recordered on film over the years. The Apollo moon landing would be a lot clearer if Neil had an iPhone in his pocket. Why not make movies, cartoons, music videos and documentaries with them seriously? I dig it.

  10. alex cerda

    this has got to be one of the most bad ass songs i have ever heard in my life ….seriously and the video is just amazing

  11. Keith Moore

    Man! I wish I had uploaded/entered the video with its Vimeo link… Much better quality.

  12. darby tish


  13. alex cerda

    this has got to be one of the most bad ass songs I have ever heard…and the video is amazing!!!!!!! ……Im reposting looks like my previous post didnt go through…..but good luck!!!

  14. I love this kind of shorts! I can’t wait for you to make a new one.
    Oh, and i like how badass the song is.
    Good job!

  15. Haha, this video is great. Looks like you put a lot of effort into it… and the song is awesome!

    Good job!

  16. Great short! I love how he drew the girl. The sunglasses are awesome!

  17. I enjoyed watching the video and the song is awesome.Your efforts paid off!

  18. Hey!Great video!I really enjoyed watching it.I’m sure you put a lot of efforts into it and the result is incredible.I love how the waves moves.

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