Best Film 2nd Place


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A short, experimental film shot and processed on the iPhone 4. Edited with iMovie.

Written & Directed by: Craig Anthony Perkins
Starring: Hanna Hedin Hillberg
Cinematography, Editing, Music & Sound: Craig Anthony Perkins
Styling, Hair & Makeup: Pauline Noriega

Shot on location at the abandoned and haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital.

(Best when listened to on good headphones or speakers as there are low frequency rumblings and ghostly voices which cannot be heard on computer speakers. Best when watched with the lights out… if you dare!)

iPhone Film Festival Judge
Miguel Johnson

It’s difficult portraying a “scary” short film within a few minutes. You must bring the audience into the scene, make them part of the film and instill fear within a matter of minutes. This film does that exactly. We initially felt the main character was not dressed properly for the part, but within a few seconds the director shoots chills immediately up your spine. And the actress does such a good job that she makes sure you go back and watch it a few times.




  1. Shwab

    ummmm that got second place for what?? I saw a minute of credits and nothing happened

  2. Neo

    Jealous much there Shwab?

    What I saw was a suspenseful story told without dialog (very difficult to do, especially in such a short time) with professional level editing and brilliant and precise sound design… and then a minute of credits. What have you got to show there Shwab?

    The director of this short probably did this as almost a trailer of what he would like to eventually pull-off (I’m assuming.) Either way, kudos to him for a job well done and well deserved second place!

    – Neo

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