Glimpses from my iPhone to the sounds of Bollywood bites

Glimpses from my iPhone to the sounds of Bollywood bites

By TheFilm Artist
Solely taken with the iPhone4 without any additional equipment. These are glimpses from my iPhone to the rhythmic music from various Bollywood films. I have learnt many things by using my iPhone and it’s great for capturing the moment when least expected, well almost. I was nearly run over by the police as they chased a criminal. I missed that but I did capture him being caught :) Thanks to the street performers and all those featured in this video.


iPhone Film Festival Judge
Miguel Johnson

Awesome use of the camera and shots. The music perfectly matched the films tempo and ambiance. For example, when the music was fast paced the scenes moved accordingly and when the music required a soft and calm feel the scene changed according.  The director did a great job relaying his message.

Thank you from the film maker


  1. Awesome video. Are you using any certain iPhone app to shoot these videos or are you just using the basic iPhone video camera?

  2. Dean

    Great video! I saw this prior to the deadline and it was my vote as well and I agree with the judges statement above, the pacing was great. Also, I have the same question as the above comment (the apps used to make these films should have been a requirement on the entry form) only other thing I can say is that it might have just been color corrected in post….

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