Stay hungry

Natsumi Shibata Title: Stay hungry Film credit: Nothing, because using music is free and no credit. Type pr Film: Short film Device: i Phone 5C Country: Japan Tokyo Synopsis of the film:How to make a snow man with joy Software:

Kwento ni Happy

Movie: Title: “Kwento ni Happy” (The Story of Happy) Date Made: January 2014 Shot Location: Pateros, Philippines Running Time: 20 minutes Deviced Used: Iphone 4 Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines Credits: Cast Patrick John Vivo Yayi Cabrera Redge Capco Adrian Rosales

A Grandmother’s Greatness

  Your Name: Cooper Csillan Name of Film: “A Grandmother’s Greatness” Film Credits: starring Emily Lombardi, Interviews by Cooper Csillan, Directed and Produced by Cooper Csillan Type of Film: Short Film Device Used: iPhone 5c Software and hardware: Filmic Pro,

Every Boat is a Dream

Both were shot on the iphone 5. “Every Boat is a Dream” was edited using Final Cut Pro, and “Mr. Sadheart’s Small Day” was edited using PowerDirector 12. Both are from Vancouver, BC, Canada.Thanks! Rob (@duncanrob)A sinking sailboat gives up

Iker Who Lives Under Our Bed

My Name: Joe Howes Film Credits: Animator, Director, Writer … Joe Howes Music … Kevin MacLeod Type of Film: Animation with practical backplates. Device Used: iPhone4S Steadicam Smoothee Synopsis: An adorable mechanical mastermind, left alone in an empty house, plots

12 hrs

Name: Amir El-Masry Name of Film: 12 hrs Film Credits: Young man: Amir El-Masry Type of film: Short film Device used: iphone 4s Synopsis: A young man gets ready for day ahead of him. software and hardware: Only imovie was

Domingo d.c.

Mauricio Guevara Name of the film: Domingo d.c. Film credits: Direction,producer,editing and original idea Mauricio Guevara Music: Pablo Lentini Riva – on classical riva bach suit Type of film: Cinematography,Short Film. Device Used: iPhone 5s. Synopsis of the film: Domingo


Tanner Allen Infinity (Flufftronix Remix) Film Credits- Song Artist: The XX & Flufftronix Film Artist: Tanner Allen Editor: Tanner Allen Music Video Iphone 4 with Ollo Clip (Macro Lens) Visual music video for the song Infinity Final Cut Pro USA,

New Song Music Video

Your Name: Nayna Santana Name of Film: New Song Music Video Film Credits: Angelo Tristan and Nayna Santana Type of Film: Music Video Device Used: iPhone 5 Synopsis of the film: I wanted to do a Music Video for my