Domingo d.c.

Mauricio Guevara Name of the film: Domingo d.c. Film credits: Direction,producer,editing and original idea Mauricio Guevara Music: Pablo Lentini Riva – on classical riva bach suit Type of film: Cinematography,Short Film. Device Used: iPhone 5s. Synopsis of the film: Domingo


Tanner Allen Infinity (Flufftronix Remix) Film Credits- Song Artist: The XX & Flufftronix Film Artist: Tanner Allen Editor: Tanner Allen Music Video Iphone 4 with Ollo Clip (Macro Lens) Visual music video for the song Infinity Final Cut Pro USA,

New Song Music Video

Your Name: Nayna Santana Name of Film: New Song Music Video Film Credits: Angelo Tristan and Nayna Santana Type of Film: Music Video Device Used: iPhone 5 Synopsis of the film: I wanted to do a Music Video for my

Noelia Ramon (Telling Life)

Your Name: Noelia Ramon (Telling Life) Name of Film: Byron Film Credits: filmed, edited, color graded by Noelia Ramon. Music licensed via The Music Bed: Wild (instrumental) by Parade of Lights Type of Film: Cinematography, Short Film Device Used: iPhone

Moments in Between

Your Name: Ngo Bang LinName of Film: Moments in BetweenFilm Credits: Grain, Ngo Bang Lin, Chisato OkawaType of Film: CinematographyDevice Used: All shots on iPhone 5S Synopsis of the film:  “Moments in between” is a visual diary of the time spent in Kyoto and Osaka. The process of

Cloudy Sunday in Amsterdam

Your Name: Jeroen De Wilde Name of Film: Cloudy Sunday in Amsterdam Film Credits: Video & edit: Jeroen De Wilde Music: Bonobo Type of Film: Cinematography Device Used: iPhone5s, Olloclip Synopsis of the film: Shot on a cloudy Sunday in


Your Name: Simon Graham Name of Film: ‘Val’ Film Credits: Direction and animation Simon Graham Music – Paper Scissor Stone by Portico Quartet Type of Film: Short Film, Cinematography, Device Used: 80% iPhone 4s, 20% iPhone 5s Synopsis of the


Your Name: Alan Tracy Name of Film: CAM Film Credits: Starring Agnes Rzepecki, Victoria LaChelle, Colby Taylor, & Daniel Oberle Written, Produced, Edited, & Directed by Alan Tracy Produciton Assistants: Colby Taylor and Daniel Oberle Special Thanks to: James Byrne,

Logbook of Helon

Logbook of Helon Animated film. 7 min.  2014 Film based on paintings, made during sail-trip on schooner Helon Made on IPad 2. Programs- procreate, cute cut pro, plastic. Director -Evgeny Solodkiy Russia